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COG Register Tool

The register tool is a tool within the Cogee CLI for registering assets from a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket into a Google Earth Engine (GEE) collection. This tool streamlines the process of ingesting geospatial data assets into GEE for analysis and visualization.

Key Features

  • Asset Registration: Easily register assets from a GCS bucket into a specified GEE collection, making them accessible for GEE operations.

  • Subfolder Support: Optionally specify a subfolder within the GCS bucket to register assets from. This allows for organized asset management.

  • Asset Limit: Set a maximum number of assets to register, useful for controlling the size of your GEE collection.

  • Service Account Integration: Authenticate with GEE using a service account for secure asset registration.


cogee register --bucket BUCKET --collection COLLECTION [--prefix PREFIX] [--limit LIMIT] [--cred CRED] [--account ACCOUNT]


Required Arguments

  • --bucket BUCKET: Specify the name of the Google Cloud Project bucket containing the assets you want to register.

  • --collection COLLECTION: Provide the path to the GEE collection where the assets will be registered.

Optional Arguments

  • --prefix PREFIX: Optionally specify a subfolder within the GCS bucket to register assets from.

  • --limit LIMIT: Set a limit on the maximum number of assets to register. Useful for controlling collection size.

  • --cred CRED: Path to the Credentials JSON file for the service account to authenticate with GEE.

  • --account ACCOUNT: Service account email address for authentication.

Example Usage

cogee register --bucket my-google-bucket --collection users/myuser/mycollection --prefix mysubfolder --limit 100 --cred path/to/credentials.json --account [email protected]

This command registers assets from the "mysubfolder" subfolder in the "my-google-bucket" GCS bucket into the "users/myuser/mycollection" GEE collection, limiting the registration to 100 assets and authenticating with the specified service account.

Last update: 2023-09-29
Created: 2023-09-29